Feature Overview

Optimize engines to increase translation capacity and throughputs

Rapid selection and launching of KantanMT engines is critical to reducing project turn-around times and increasing translation capacity.

Your engines need to launch quickly in order to provide high-speed, high-quality machine translation services to your clients.

KantanSwift™ optimizes KantanMT engines so that they launch in a matter of seconds.

Only KantanSwift™ technology offers:

  • Super-Fast Engine Launch: KantanSwift optimizes KantanMT engines so they launch in a matter of seconds. This helps improve translation capacity and velocity.
  • Cloud-base architecture: KantanMT is a cloud-base MT platform and uses the latest and fastest servers available to ensure the highest possible translation speeds.
  • Autoscale Deployments: KantanSwift integrates with KantanAutoScale which combines load balancing and advanced auto-scaling to ensure that your KantanMT engines scale to meet your translation capacity needs.
  • Economic to run: KantanMT is cloud-based so you only pay for what computing power and disk storage you consume each month.

Here's what our members are saying:

Our first test of building an engine was so smooth, I can't think of any way it could be any simpler!

Ilan Bloch, Director, Baguette Translations

We ran MT tests into 12 languages and the results were extraordinary.

Marcello Rizzo, Architect, Medialocate

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