Feature Overview

Clearly demonstrate ROI using segment-by-segment analysis

Your project manager reports a high BLEU score and your client wants 200,000 words translated as quickly as possible. Which translated segments should your translators post-edit first?

Prioritising the right translations through segment quality estimation will yield the fastest possible project turn-around. KantanAnalytics™ allows you to identify which segments need to be prioritised.

Higher KantanAnalytic scores mean translations are more accurate and fluent - and require less post-editing effort.

Only KantanAnalytics provides functionality to manage:

  • Segment Scoring: Score each segment to determine translation quality using KantanAnalytics, a unique segment quality estimation technology
  • Project Costs: Calculate project costs using the KantanAnalytics report - a detailed report designed for Project Manager, which helps them predict project costs
  • Project Schedule: Predict the turn-around time of a project based on the overall post-editing effort required - a key feature in KantanAnalytics
  • Monitor Engine Quality: Track the improvements of your KantanMT engine at the segment level and see immediate results

Our Development Partner

KantanAnalytics, which has been co-developed with the CNGL Centre for Global Intelligent Content (Dublin City University, Ireland) assigns a quality estimation score - expressed as a percentage - for each automated translation generated by a KantanMT engine. Segments with higher KantanAnalytic scores have proven to require considerably less post-editing, reducing post-editing time and cost!

KantanAnalytics Report

KantanAnalytics creates a detailed project management report of all segments within a KantanMT project. This includes segment-by-segment quality estimation scores in addition to other useful project statistics such as word, character, placeholder and tag counts.


KantanAnalytic Reports are designed for Project Managers - helping them to predict the post-editing effort required to complete a project and to determine how long it will take!

Project Managers use KantanAnalytics Reports to :-

  • Develop a Tiered Cost Model - Tied to the KantanAnalytics quality estimation scores, higher scoring segments can be charged at a lower post-editing rate. This creates a tiered business model which more accurately predicts the actual cost of post-editing for a machine translation project.
  • Predict Project Schedule - As higher scoring segments are proven to take less time to post-edit, a more accurate and precise project schedule can be determined using the KantanAnalytics statistics.
  • KantanAnalytic Reports - These reports provide detailed analysis of the performance of KantanMT engines - including segment level quality scores, word, character, tag and placeholders counts. Think 'Fuzzy Match' report for MT and you've got the general idea!
  • Open Standards - KantanAnalytics generates an XLIFF document containing both source and target translations for each processed file. Use these in CAT environments to start working with the quality estimation scores immediately!
  • Monitor Quality Performance - The better the KantanAnalytics scores - the better the quality performance of a KantanMT engine. An engine with a high distribution of low-scores should be retrained or replaced with a better more domain specific engine. KantanAnalytics can help Project Managers make the right decision.

Here's what our members are saying:

KantanMT is ideal for teaching purposes due to its highly customizable nature.

R.B. Pinero, Dr., UCL, London

KantanMT is an expert MT service for enterprises and LSPs

Kirti Vashee, Consultant, Independent

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