Quick Steps

How does KantanMT work?

KantanMT is a Machine Translation platform that is simple to use. Most of our clients are up and running, building their first engine within hours of registering. Why? Our members have lots of Translation Memories which they can use to build high quality KantanMT engines.

You can use KantanMT in 3 simple steps: Follow the instructions below to create your first Engine, build your first engine, and translate your first files.

For more advanced and technical details, please refer to Company Resources.

The KantanMT Development Team

Step 1: Gather Training Data Step 2: Build KantanMT engine Step 3: Translate Files
Create Engine and upload traning data Simply hit the Build KantanMT button! Upload files and click Translate!

Create an Engine

  • Select My Engines.
  • Click to create a new Engine.
  • Select source and target languages.
  • Click Update Engine to save it.

Upload Training Data

  • Click Training tab.
  • Click on Upload and select TMX files.

Build KantanMT Engine

  • Select My Engines.
  • Click Training tab.
  • Click Build KantanMT to launch a job.
  • Click My Jobs to track job progress.

Once your job has completed, you're now ready to translate files.

Upload Translation Files

  • Select My Engines.
  • Click Translation tab.
  • Click on Upload and select files.

Translate Files

  • Click Translate to create a job.
  • Click My Jobs to track job progress.

When your job has completed, click to download translated files.


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